Four female pickleball players touch paddles.
10 Stylish Pickleball Outfit Ideas
1. Black & White
To look like a pro, pair a cute white pleated skort with a white cropped tank. Try an all-white look with black accents or do contrasting pieces.
2. Matching Visor
Visors are a key accessory when it comes to keeping the sun out of your eyes. They can be super cute and fun to match your pickleball outfit.
3. Color Coordination
Playing with a partner can be fun, especially if you coordinate your outfits. You can try patterns or solid colors, and even get matching visors or caps for sun protection.
4. Take A Fashion Risk
If you want to stand out from the crowd, try a daring two-piece set, like cropped leggings and a cropped top featuring cutouts that are sure to turn heads.
5. The Brighter The Better
If neutral shades and solid colors aren’t for you, don’t be afraid to wear a lot of color. When it comes to pickleball fashion, the brighter the garment, the better.