Close up sideview of woman wearing wire-framed glasses
100 Years Of Fashion: Glasses
Mass production of glasses really took off in the 20th century because of industrialization, so glasses could officially be used as a fashion accessory instead of just for sight. Throughout the 1920s, glasses looked like those of actor Harold Lloyd’s because they were very affordable.
The 1930s saw some changes in the glasses industry because while round lenses were still popular, a rounded octagonal shape was making headway. The cat eye style was also a huge innovation and the popularity of sunglasses was on the rise.
Until the war ended in 1945, many were inclined to stick to frame-shape favorites like round, octagonal, and cat-eye. Either way, plastic frames grew in popularity because they were easy to make and very affordable.
The sight of Marilyn Monroe in 1953’s “How To Marry A Millionaire” wearing a pair of plastic-framed cat eyes with an embellished browline became the rage. It was so popular that even men wore the style which likely paved the way for Ray-Bans.
Throughout the 1960s, frames were becoming larger and bolder, despite the fact that contact lenses were a viable option. They were also increasingly popular because they were worn by prominent figures like President John F. Kennedy and his fashion-icon wife, Jackie.