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11 Colors You Need To Ditch From Your Wardrobe ASAP
If your goal in life is to live a little more inconspicuously, multicolored-toned clothing is one of the first things you should remove from your closet. Multicolored tones attract attention and make you appear approachable, so avoid them when you wish to be left alone.
If your goal is to stand out, neutral tones aren’t the way to do it. Neutral tones help you blend into a crowd, so if you know you’re going to be in a crowd and want that attention, try out more eccentric colors.
If you’re a clumsy individual, prone to bumping into things or spilling liquids on yourself, white isn’t the best color to wear. Anything that touches white can make it dirty and you’ll be stuck with a stain until you get home.
As popular as the color black is, though, it isn't a color that has been known to attract good luck. If you're currently on a spiritual journey and you're interested in attracting things like abundance, friendships, and happiness, then wearing a color like black may not do you any favors.
You might want to ditch the color purple from your wardrobe if the idea of being placed in a leadership role makes you uncomfortable. Connected with royalty for centuries, purple still carries the symbolism of power and wealth.