Pink banana hair clip
11 Easy Banana Clip Hairstyles To Try Now
1. Add Personality With Embellishments
If you want to make a banana clip part of your outfit, choose one in a funky texture or color. They can be laden with bows, encrusted with pearls, and covered in faux jewels.
2. Wear It With A Braid
Banana clips don’t have to be seen to make an impact. You can hide one beneath a ponytail as a foundational tool to provide extra definition and keep everything in place.
3. Try It Half Up, Half Down
Anyone who relies on the half-up, half-down style can spruce up the look by replacing a standard hair tie with a banana clip. It’s less strain on your hair and looks sleek, too.
4. Style It With Waves
Shorter haircuts can be tricky to style, but hair clips make it simple to refresh your look. Try waving your hair and adding a banana clip to keep your hair up.
5. Try A Clip On A Ponytail Braid
Banana clips can be used to create designs with your hair. Take a large clip and clamp it around the base of a braided ponytail to add a sculptural detail to your hairstyle.