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11 Lipstick Mistakes You're Undoubtedly Making
Try It First
You should always try your lipstick before you buy it to test out the color and the texture. You might want something glossy or matte, so you should test out the shade to see if it’s exactly what you’re looking for because it might look different on you compared to someone else.
Prep Your Lips
Prepping your lips for lipstick is essential because you want your shade to glide on seamlessly. Your lips need to be clean and nourished, so by washing your lips, you’ll prevent bacteria from proliferating in your lipstick and creating infections.
Exfoliating is important on almost every part of the body: the scalp, face, and body, and lips are equally as important. During the colder months, your lips will get chapped and flaky, so make sure to find a good lip scrub to help make your lips smooth.
Use Lip Liner
Lip liners are a must when you use lipstick because it helps you stay within the outline of your lips. The lip liner helps define the outline of your mouth so that no matter what kind of lipstick you desire to apply afterward, it will be as easy as applying chapstick.
Wrong Lipstick
It’s possible that you’re using the wrong lipstick because everyone has a different lip type. If you have dry lips, choose a lipstick with moisturizing ingredients, but if you want something long lasting, you might want to pick up a matte lipstick.