Woman with her eyes closed using contouring and highlighting makeup techniques
11 Makeup Tips Perfect For Highlighting Narrow Faces
Face Shape
You need to figure out the precise shape of your face so you can get the best results when doing your makeup. Typically, those with narrower faces either have an oval or a rectangular face shape.
Width & Dimension
Whether you have an oval or rectangular-shaped face, what you need to focus on the most is creating the illusion of width overall. When contouring and highlighting, you need to forget the old techniques and also consider your hair and jewelry choices.
Right Tools
Using the right makeup tools can make a big difference when your face is on the narrow side. You might be using brushes and sponges that are too big, so try smaller ones that will allow you to apply makeup with precision.
Best Base
Starting with the right base is always important, but it can be extra important if you have a narrow face and need to create more width. Healthy skin glows brighter and usually needs less product to look great, which means you spend more time on the steps of the makeup process.
Define With Contour
Good contouring can transform the face, but it’s easy to overdo it. Oval faces and rectangle faces have a similar process to add width to the face with contour and actually shorten and define it.