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11 Tips For Banishing Fingernail Ridges
Moisturize Your Hands And Fingernails
Hydrate your nails regularly with an oil or cream that includes alpha hydroxy acids and ceramides to protect your fingernails' keratin and reduce the appearance of nail ridges.
If you have brittle nails, you should thoroughly moisturize them before bed and wear cotton gloves to allow your nails to adequately absorb the moisturizer throughout the night.
Maintain Healthy Habits
Fingernail ridges can be a sign of an underlying vitamin deficiency or issue. Eat foods that help promote nail growth like lean meats, nuts, eggs, vegetables, and dairy products.
One of the best ways to keep your nails healthy is to maintain regular cardiovascular activity to promote blood flow to your fingernails, which prevents ridges from forming.
Buff Your Fingernails
Gently buffing your nails can help reduce the appearance of ridges. Use a buffing block to even out the surface of your nails, being careful not to go overboard.
Use A Ridge Filler Or Avoid Nail Polish
Painting over your fingernail ridges with nail polish can highlight and draw more attention to them. Try ridge-filling nail polish, which can make your nails appear more smooth.
Constantly painting your nails can lead to more ridges. Nail polish remover can worsen the issue by dehydrating your nails and changing the nail surface's chemical properties.
Take Biotin And Other Supplements
Biotin is a vitamin involved in keratin production that can support the firmness and thickness of your fingernails and manage brittle ridges.
Collagen supplements can also help to keep your fingernails healthy, since collagen can impact your keratin production as well.