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11 Tips To Help Keep Your Blond Hair From Fading
Avoid UV Rays
The sun’s ultraviolet rays can actually have a detrimental impact on your hair’s melanin, making your hair less vibrant. There are many different ways you can shield your hair from the sun, like wearing a hat or using a hair cream that contains sun protection.
Mask Regularly
If you want to upgrade your hair care routine, now’s the time to consider using a hair mask on a frequent basis. Masks are formulated to address your hair’s biggest concerns, like fading color — try to find a mask made specifically for blond hair
Use A Shower Filter
Shower filters can save your hair from the harsh effects of hard water. In fact, trichologist Amanda Buechner says they can lead to “fewer tangles, better manageability, more shine and moisture balance within the hair, better color absorption and longer-lasting color."
Monitor Pool Behavior
Due to the copper present in the water, spending too much time in the pool can potentially give your hair a green tinge. To prevent this you can wear a swim cap, wet your hair with fresh water before swimming, or apply a leave-in conditioner before jumping in.
Be Mindful Of Cleansing
Shampooing should be a staple step in any well-rounded haircare routine, but you may want to limit how often you wash if your blond hair is susceptible to fading. Try shampooing less often, and become better acquainted with dry shampoos and their many benefits.