Woman with red hair dye in her hair
12 Foolproof Ways To Get Hair Dye Out Of Your Skin
1. Cleanser Or Makeup Remover
When you’re trying to clean hair dye stains, you’ll want to start with your normal cleanser, makeup remover, or micellar water, though it might take a few rinse-and-repeat cycles.
2. Skin-Safe Oils
Apply a skin-safe oil such as olive, coconut, argan, almond, or baby oil to the stain. If it doesn’t easily wipe away, try leaving the oil on overnight before trying again.
3. Gentle Exfoliation
Gentle exfoliation to remove the top layer of dead skin cells may help erase a dye stain. Apply your normal exfoliant as you usually would, being careful not to scrub too hard.
4. Dish Soap & Baking Soda
Dish soap and baking soda can help break up lingering stains in more robust areas of the skin. Baking soda provides natural exfoliation, while dish soap dissolves the hair dye.
5. Rubbing Alcohol
As a last resort, try dabbing rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, hand sanitizer, or hydrogen peroxide below a concentration of 3% onto your skin, avoiding your face.