young woman with buzzed haircut
12 Reasons Short Hair May Not Be For You
People Will Make Assumptions About You
Cutting your hair may communicate to the world that you're either poised to — or are already going through — a major life change, which you might not want people to know.
Assumptions may also be made about your lifestyle, career, and beliefs. There's nothing wrong with those assumptions, but you may not appreciate people jumping to conclusions.
Not Everyone Will Be A Fan
Short hair may be the height of style, but not everyone will root for your fashion-forward look. To avoid regret, make sure to think your haircut through before the big chop.
There Could Be Work Complications
Because short hair defies social norms, your coworkers may perceive the decision to wear yours short as a sign of rebellion, which may be an issue in a more conservative workplace.
Short hair can also send a "mature" message, which could sadly be detrimental to your career since ageism in the workplace is very much still a thing, especially toward women.
Some Styles Will Be Out Of Reach
It's arguable that short hair may see more bad hair days than longer styles. It is going to show every cowlick, and will be too short to simply throw up in a ponytail or messy bun.
You’ll Attract A Lot Of Attention
Short hair will make you stand out in a crowd, especially in places where conformity rules like suburbs and workplaces, and a lot of people will want to talk to you about it.
When you have short hair, you're going to get a lot of comments, be they positive, negative, or somewhere in the middle. If you're not up for that, short hair may not be for you.