Couple wondering if they are moving in together too early in their relationship
12 Signs You're Rushing Into A Relationship & How To Take A Step Back
You Spend All Your Time With Them
Instead of avoiding everyone else in your life and only spending time with your partner, create a healthy balance between spending time with your partner, friends, and family.
Canceling plans with other people in your life indicates to them that they no longer mean as much to you as the person you just started seeing.
Forgetting About Yourself
If you've been neglecting the things you once loved doing on your own, like hobbies or self-care, that could be a sign you're moving too fast in this new relationship.
Slow things down a bit by taking a day off from your new partner to focus on yourself. Your love interest shouldn't have a problem with you taking some "me time.”
Ignoring Red Flags
You may be moving too fast if you aren’t analyzing deal-breaking behavior. Red flags like displays of anger, manipulation, and controlling behavior should not be overlooked.
Consider making a list of things you want and don't want in a partner and then compare them to what you're getting so far from this one.