Happy female hairdresser holding hairdryer and brush isolated on white background
12 Things Your Hairstylist Isn't Telling You
Avoid Saturdays
Most salons consider Saturday to be their busiest day because people have extra time on their hands to do errands and get their hair done. If you’re looking for extra care and attention, try booking on a Tuesday or Wednesday when there isn’t too much foot traffic.
Don’t Be Late
Running a little late may seem like no big deal, but it can mess with your stylist's entire schedule because they have a full plan for the day, with set times and appointments for each of their clients. Be truthful about how late you will be because your stylist’s time is precious, too.
Cancel When You’re Sick
Canceling last minute isn’t great news, but if you’re sick, your hairstylist will appreciate you doing so. If you go to a salon when you’re sick, you risk contaminating your hairstylist and other customers, which isn’t ideal for anyone.
Inspo Pictures
Your hair might not turn out exactly like the photo you show them and that can be because of your natural hair, skin tone, and face shape. The best thing you can do is search for something that matches your natural hair color.
Hair History
Never lie to your hairstylist about your hair history because they will find out soon enough. You need to be honest because it will help them get your hair to what you want it to be and it doesn’t hurt to tell them everything, no matter how old the history is.