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12 Tips For Making Up With Your Best Friend After A Fight
Best Friends Forever
Best friends help you celebrate good times and provide support during bad times, so when a close friendship breaks up, it can be truly devastating. It can also be difficult to mend your side of the fence when there's a fallout between friends, but it's important you try.
Communication is very important in any relationship, whether it’s between friends, lovers, or family. There might be a rough patch between you and your bestie, so don’t block the pathway to communication and give them a chance to explain their side too.
Discuss Your Feelings
You need to be able to discuss your thoughts without getting angry because that might make the situation worse. Allow for a platform where each person can honestly discuss their thoughts without becoming angry, but avoid texting because things can get misinterpreted.
Reveal Your Thoughts
You want to be honest about what you’re thinking, but don’t throw around insults that could potentially jeopardize your friendship. It’s important to remember that the conversation with your friend is a discussion and it’s not a place to invalidate their feelings.
Be Vulnerable
You shouldn’t hide your vulnerability from your best friend because showing it will actually make you become closer. Open up to them and show them your feelings because you should be comfortable with them enough to allow yourself to be real.