woman walking outside wearing big grey sweater, black leggings and black boots
12 Types Of Shoes You Shouldn't Wear With Your Leggings
Closed-Toe Heels
Because leggings hug the body and have a tapered fit, closed-toe heels can lead to slightly odd proportions. Instead, try an open-toe heel for a refreshing change, as a peep of toenail polish will provide some separation between the look and you.
Wedge Heels
While they were trendy for a while, wedge heels have since been relegated to the back of the closet. Instead, invest in a pair of block heels because they are more modern and, like a wedge, offer more support than a stiletto while still being far more comfortable.
Ankle Boots
Another wardrobe essential that is here to stay are ankle boots, but before you zip on a pair with your leggings-focused outfit, have a look at this cooler alternative. Knee-high boots have a certain edge ankle boots lack, and won't cut your leg off at the ankle.
Strappy Sandals
Strappy sandals are a popular pick when warmer days roll around, but it's not the shoe to wear with a leggings outfit. Instead, try sandals with thicker straps or trade in the tangle of straps completely for a one-strap slide for a cool athleisure look.
Athletic Sneakers
Sneakers are not the right choice if you're attempting to add some pizzazz to your leggings ensemble. Choosing a pair of stylish sneakers with extra elements like a chunky sole, a textured upper, or some vibrant laces can be a good idea.