Perfume bottle surrounded by flower petals
13 Mistakes You're Probably Guilty Of Making With Perfume
Rubbing It In
You’ve probably rubbed your wrists together after spraying perfume, but doing that will actually reduce how long the scent lasts. Instead, you should spray your chosen fragrance onto your body and wait for it to sink in.
Wearing It Everywhere
Perfume is often associated with special events, so it’s not surprising you want to wear it everywhere, but skip it when you go to a new restaurant. If you are eating a meal and want to enjoy it with all of your senses, a strong fragrance can ruin your experience.
Using Wrong Concentration
How long a fragrance lasts depends on the concentration. A parfum will last about 16 hours, but it’s also the most expensive option, while colognes and body mists have low concentrations that will not last more than 3 hours.
Not Spraying Your Clothes
You might only spritz your skin with perfume, but because of your body heat, even the most potent fragrance will evaporate when applied to the skin. A great alternative is to spray your clothing, but make sure the scent doesn’t have any chemicals that will cause stains.
Not Moisturizing First
If you find that the scent of your perfume disappears quickly, try putting on a moisturizer beforehand to counteract this. Lotion is great to keep your skin soft and moisturized, and it will also work to absorb the smell of your perfume, making it last longer.