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14 Easy Tips For Bringing Your Dried Out Eyeliner Back To Life
Eye Drops
Mixing eye drops into your eyeliner is a well-known trick to help bring it back to normal consistency, and all you need is a dry gel or cream liner, a toothpick, and eye drops.
Add the eyedrops to the eyeliner and then mix them together thoroughly. Depending on the consistency, this could take a few minutes, but you want it to be as smooth as possible.
Unscented Oil
Baby oil might already be used to take off makeup or hydrate your skin, but it’s a great alternative to help bring your eyeliner back to life.
You’ll need to add a few drops to your dried-out product and mix it with a clean tool to get the oils into the eyeliner and rehydrate it.
Warm Water
You’ll need to place your eyeliner in an airtight container or plastic bag and leave it in warm or hot water for up to 15 minutes, but times will vary.
This method can be used for gel or liquid eyeliner, and it works because of how the heat interacts with the product, which causes it to melt.
Pressure With Your Hand
If you want to give your eyeliner a second chance, try applying pressure with the back of your hand. It will only work for pencil and felt-tip liners and may kickstart the product.
It can also be possible that your product is just out of pigment, so if you’ve had it for at least three months, that is probably the case.
Get Shaking
Sometimes, the simplest method is the most effective, and a good shake can go a long way. Doing this before every use is recommended, not only when the product is getting dry.