a couple in baseball jerseys walking outside the stadium
14 Stylish Ways To Rock A Baseball Jersey This Season
1. Wear It As A Tank Top
Cut the sleeves off your jersey to transform it into a chic tank top that will keep you cool and pair perfectly with shorts, skirts, or even jeans for a casual look.
2. Wear It With A Tank Top
Layer your jersey over a cropped tank top or sports bra in a complementary color to create an effortless look when the weather is cool.
3. With High-Waisted Jeans
Casually accentuate your waistline by tucking your jersey into a pair of high-waisted jeans. Complete the outfit with sneakers or ankle boots for a cool, laid-back aesthetic.
4. Add Matching Jewelry
Elevate your look by wearing team-inspired jewelry, like your team’s colors or baseball-themed charms. You can also add some matching face glitter.
5. Wear A Bold Red Lip
For a really bold statement, pair your jersey with a vibrant red lip that exudes confidence. This striking combination will catch everyone's attention.