Two hands with beautiful nails sharp shape on gray background
14 Ways To Still Get Stuff Done When You Have Long Nails
1. Every Part Of Your Finger Can Be Used As A Tool
When you have long nails, you’ll need to adjust to using every part of your hand to help with tasks that your long nails can make difficult.
For instance, the pads of your fingers can scroll and type on your phone. You can use your middle and index fingers to grab items, and the palm of your hand to open jars.
2. Skincare Products Can Be Applied With The Top Of Your Nails
You can use just the top of your nail to dip into a jar of skincare product, which is less messy than using your whole finger, or you can use a small rubber makeup spatula.
3. Tweezers Are Important — Keep Them Nearby
Whether you're trying to grab something thin or tug at something you can't grip, tweezers are essential for long nails; just get a pair separate from the ones you use on your body.
4. Pliers Need To Be Ready, Too
For more heavy-duty tasks, keep a pair of pliers around. You can even buy multi-tools that include pliers and other useful tools like a nail file, corkscrew, and bottle opener.
5. Car Keys Are Essential For Prying
Getting underneath a built-in tab (like on a soda can) can chip or even break your nail, so to avoid this nuisance, keep car keys around; they’re great for prying things open.