Woman wearing pink boxing gloves
15 Fitness Trends That Will Dictate Your 2023 Workouts
Metaverse Fitness
The beauty of VR workouts is that they combine the compelling qualities of gaming with the heart-healthy benefits of exercise. Adding this gaming platform and titles like “Meta Quest 2” or “Beat Saber” to your home gym will transform your workouts so you never have to watch the clock as you
perform your sets again.
Emphasis on Carbs
Nutrition experts say you can forget about the low-carb movement for a while because complex carbohydrates are incredibly useful in one’s diet, as they can provide sustained energy, fiber, and nutrition. According to celebrity trainer Don Saladino, people are going to make decisions on what’s good for their own bodies long term.
Women in Boxing
Women's boxing is on the rise, thanks in part to the success of champion fighters like Claressa Shields and Amanda Serrano. If you don’t want to spar with a partner, you can simply learn boxing principles and practice drills while reaping benefits, such as self-defense practice, mindfulness, and stress relief.
Primal Movement
Primal movement is a minimalist fitness routine that is founded on one basic tenet: we should move like our ancestors did to keep ourselves fit. Bending and stooping are popular motions, and bodyweight exercises, such as squats, planks, and push-ups, are primal options that can be performed with no equipment.
Adult Ballet
Projected to be one of 2023’s biggest fitness trends, you can start your own ballet routine without formal training by practicing foundational stretches at home using video tutorials or join a local dance studio for beginner classes. Ballet can also help strengthen muscles you rarely use in other workouts.