15 Tattoo Trends That Will Inspire Your Ink
In 2023
Go Minimalist
Minimalist tattoos, which typically involve black lines and negative space, will continue to be popular in 2023. Tattoo artist Moe Ricee explained that this trend is great for those who “want something a little more subtle [...] more of an accent or an accessory.”
Realism Tattoos
Realism tattoos look as much like the object they are depicting as possible. Alissa Jung, a tattoo artist who specializes in the style, predicts that realism tattoos will gain popularity in 2023 as tattoos become more and more accepted in society.
Watercolor tattoos are perfect for someone looking for a vibrant, colorful, and unique tattoo. This style requires a skilled hand, so research tattoo artists in your area that are skilled in watercolor techniques if this is a design you’re interested in.
Tiny Hearts
Tattoo artist Syd Smith says we’re going to be seeing a lot more micro heart tattoos in 2023 since she and her fellow artists have been doing a ton of them. This trend is great for someone who loves the idea of having a tattoo but wants to keep it small and sweet.
Fine Line
Fine-line tattoos have been rising in popularity, and are created using intricate, fine lines typically in black or gray, though color can also be used. This style is perfect if bold and bright isn’t your preference and you want something a little more understated.