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15 Therapy Apps That Are Actually Worth It
Benefits of Therapy Apps
Mobile therapy apps have the potential to not only give highly effective interventions, but are very accessible as well. A lot of different apps exist, such as those that connect you with a therapist directly and others that turn wellness into a ‌effective game, as well as having free trials to try before you buy.
Talk Therapy Apps
BetterHelp supports individuals, couples, and teens who are matched with an experienced provider to work with to set a schedule and a quick messaging feature that allows patients to get something off their chest. Talkspace is similar, but has an added bonus of psychiatry services for evaluations and medication management.
Couples Therapy Apps
ReGain allows couples to have access to a pool of licensed and experienced therapists with expertise in intimacy and relationships. Couples can receive individual counseling or participate in couples counseling in a private therapy “room” to communicate with the therapist by leaving messages or to schedule a live session.
LGBTQ+ Community
Pride Counseling — run by the folks at BetterHelp — has fully equipped therapists that are trained to offer support on LGBTQ+ issues, such as identity or relationships, as well as any mental health issue. Users can connect with a therapist at any time through a therapy “room” or schedule a time for a live chat, phone call, or video call.
Shine is a powerful self-care tool for those in marginalized communities who have their own unique mental health experiences and allows them to find their specific community through an instant messaging platform. Included in the free version are weekday motivational messages, tailored daily meditations, a gratitude check-in, and more.