young woman asleep at movie theater
15 Ways To Ensure You Stay Awake During A Movie
Caffeinate Yourself
The easiest way to stay awake during a movie is to drink caffeine beforehand. Coffee, chai, matcha, certain teas, energy drinks, and soda are all great options.
Wear A Smartwatch Or Vibrating Jewelry
Smartwatches can be programmed to vibrate whenever you want them to, so you can set your smartwatch to vibrate as a reminder that you need to stay awake for your movie.
There are other pieces of vibrating jewelry for your fingers, wrists, or neck. If the item you choose vibrates on a regular schedule, it will be easier for you to stay up.
Schedule Something Important After
If you know you have something important to do right after a movie, it's unlikely you'll casually doze off, so make sure you have something to look forward to after the movie.
You don't have to put anything super serious on your calendar, either. Keep it as simple as making official plans to hop on a FaceTime call with a friend or family member.
Wear Special Glasses
Glasses from Serenity Eyewear have been specially designed to prevent drivers from falling asleep at the wheel by analyzing different behaviors and eye movements to keep you alert.
Although the act of driving a car and watching a movie are two very different things, you can still use these glasses to stay awake while watching your favorite flick.
Maintain An Upright Posture
While watching movies at home, you can fall into the trap of laying down snugly on your sofa or bed, which makes it easier to fall asleep without even realizing what's happening.
Maintain an upright position while watching your movie. If you're sitting with your shoulders rolled back and your neck completely straight, it's pretty difficult to fall asleep.