Woman wearing a black, lingerie style crop top with a pinstripe blazer and black slacks
15 Ways To Style A Crop Top Beyond The Basic
Maxi Skirt
A crop top pairs well with a maxi skirt because it creates balance by keeping things lighter on the top without being overwhelmed by the movement of the skirt.
Mix & Match
A white crop top works perfectly when mixing different colors and patterns. Pair one with a colorful skirt and cardigan to add a neutral point.
Casual & Coordinated
Matching sets, like the one pictured above, can be styled to make it casual or dressy, taking the guesswork out of finding coordinating pieces.
Sweater Weather
Go for a look with less skin by opting for a cropped sweater that hits right at the waistline. It will eliminate bulk while giving you coverage.
Add Texture
Have some fun by adding pieces with different textures. Even if the separates seem to clash, you can experiment until you strike the right balance.