A couple with relationship difficulties faces away from each other
16 Signs Monogamy May Not Be The Best Option For You
You’ve Cheated Before
If you've cheated in your past relationships (whether you got away with it or not), that's a huge sign monogamous relationships might not be your cup of tea. If this type of situation has happened with you in more than one relationship, you definitely should consider polyamorous dating.
One Partner Isn’t Enough
The main difference between monogamous and polyamorous daters is that monogamous people are fine with the fact that their partners won't be able to fulfill all of their needs at any given time. Polyamory may be better for you if you don't feel the need to settle down in a relationship with someone who only meets a percentage of your needs.
Something Is Missing
If you’ve felt like something was missing every single time you’ve been locked down in a monogamous relationship, there's a high probability they aren’t for you. Especially if your relationship is seemingly perfect, but there's something wrong that you can't quite place a finger on.
You Want To Explore
Getting fully comfortable with your sexuality takes tons of maturity, self-discovery, and self-growth. If you feel like you have a strong desire to explore sexual connections with multiple people at any given time, this is a surefire sign that a monogamous relationship isn't right for you.
Comfortable With Sharing
If you were comfortable sharing things that mattered to you as a child, then you're probably still comfortable with that same notion in your adulthood. Although toys are not as serious as real relationships, if the idea of sharing a romantic partner you care about doesn’t bother you at all, it may be time to think about polyamorous dating.