Silhouette of a angry woman and man on each other.
16 Signs Your Relationship Is Heightening Your Anxiety
Always Checking Location
If you or your partner are always checking each other’s location, especially without the other’s knowledge, it reveals that you don’t trust each other’s word about your whereabouts. Because relationships are built on trust, evaluate if they have given you a reason to be insecure.
Don’t Feel Secure
Your partner should always put you first and never make you feel you're in second place, and if they aren’t enjoying their time with you, it might get you thinking there's a chance they're going to cheat on you or hurt you. You shouldn't have to beg for your partner's attention.
Not Texting Back Quickly
Feeling this way and always getting nervous about their lack of responses is a clear sign you believe they're in the middle of doing something they wouldn't want you to know about. If you're feeling this way, reflect on why your current partner is making you so anxious, and talk to them about
it if it's worth it to you.
Thinking They’re Cheating
It's difficult to confront your partner, but don’t discount your feelings or uneasy sensations because there’s a reason for them. The best way to relieve yourself of this feeling is to ask them outright and you'll probably be able to tell if they're cheating or not based on how they respond to your question.
Don’t Trust Them
One of the best ways to reflect on your partner's trustworthiness is by thinking about how many times they told you they'd do something for you and actually followed through. If they're consistently telling you, they'll be there for you and actually proving their word, then this is a person who can be trusted.