17 Outdated Makeup Trends To Leave Behind In 2022
Glittery Eyeshadow
Beauty Bay explains that glittery eyeshadow is suitable for major celebrations like Christmas or festivals, but it’s not a good option for normal, day-to-day life. Completely covering your eyelids in glitter beyond 2022 isn’t going to be the trendiest option, but it will surely make a comeback eventually.
Defined Eyebrow Shaping
According to Maybelline New York, natural-looking brows are way trendier than their rigidly shaped counterparts right now and will continue to be so in the new year. If your natural eyebrows are well groomed, there’s no need to go overboard filling them in and making them look defined.
Technicolor Mascara
At one time, it looked really cool to have technicolor lashes in blue, purple, green, and more that matched or contrasted with your eyeshadow. Now, the natural look is more in style with either black mascara or none at all; but don’t worry, technicolor lashes will certainly rise in popularity again at some point.
White Eyeliner
White eyeliner can potentially make your eyes look bigger by opening up your waterline, but it will have fallen out of style by 2023. It is considered totally outdated, mainly because since so much can go wrong when applying white eyeliner, it often makes your eyes look creepier than intended, and not in a cool way.
Heavy Concealer
If you don’t need to hide blemishes, dark spots, or skin discoloration then it’s time to ditch heavy-duty concealers. If you must use concealer make sure you aren’t using too much, using the wrong formula, applying it in all the wrong places, or failing to properly set it.