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18 Ways To Embrace Brown Eyeliner For A More Natural Look
Classic Winged Eyeliner
For a fun spin on the timeless classic, use a brown liquid eyeliner to create a precise, sharp line on the upper eyelid and extend it slightly at the outer corner to create a wing.
Subtle Winged Eyeliner
This look will enhance your eyes and lashes without overwhelming the rest of the face. Draw a thin line close to the lash line, then draw a small flick at the outer corner.
Hazel-Colored Eyeliner
Don’t be afraid to play around with different shades of brown eyeliner. Depending on your preference, you can go for a cool ashy brown or a warmer one with red undertones.
Fox-Eye Eyeliner
To elongate your eyes, draw a line along the upper lash line, extending it outwards to the temple. Then, create a subtle extension from your eye’s inner corner.
Pop Of Color
Add a bit of color to the inner corner of your eye using eyeshadow. Keep the rest of your eyelid a neutral shade, but carefully blend the inner corner to avoid hash lines.