Kendall Jenner wearing a denim dress
18 Ways To Rock A Denim Dress This Summer
1. Without Straps
A stylish strapless denim dress is perfect for hot summer days since the fabric's structure keeps the garment in place without frequent adjustments and helps you avoid sweat marks.
2. With A Vest
Add some flair to your denim dress by wearing a vest over top. You can go whimsical with a patterned vest, western with a leather one, or keep it simple with a clean white vest.
3. With A Hat
A hat is a great accessory to add some oomph to an outfit while providing sun protection. With so many hats to choose from, you can make the denim dress take on any style you like.
4. With Sandals
Sandals are the quintessential summertime footwear, and they look adorable with a denim dress. Flat sandals are great for casual days, while those with a heel work for a night out.
5. With A Midi Length
A midi-length denim dress is a practical and seasonally appropriate option for cool and rainy summer days, providing coverage and airflow without looking like a fall/winter outfit.