Woman in yellow tshirt with her hair being held up by a claw clip
20 Claw Clip Looks To Emulate Right Now
Classic Twisted Updo
For this fashionable look, gather all your hair and twist until your hair is wound together. Then, hold the twist upward, fold any length down, and clip it over the hair.
Claw Clip Pony
Claw clip ponytails are super cute and among the easiest styles to do with a claw clip. Just pull your hair back and twist, leaving the ends out to complete the ponytail.
Claw Clip Bun
To make a bun, instead of folding your hair onto itself, hold the middle of the twist higher upward. Before you clip, pull up on the middle section to create your bun.
Half-Up Bun
This style is great to keep hair out of your eyes while still showing off your locks. To do it, just section your hair off in the middle and use the top section to create a bun.
Put your hair in a loose low pony and thread the middle through a loop at the nape of the neck. Without pulling the pony all the way through, grab the folded part and clip it.