Wide shot of smiling and laughing friends sharing food and drink at rooftop restaurant overlooking Jamaa el Fna Square during vacation in Marrakech
20 Ideas For The Ultimate Double Date
Miniature Golfing
Playing miniature golf is the ideal opportunity to show off your competitive side and it can be a very exciting double date. An outdoor golf course may be picturesque, but indoor golf courses are wonderful since they frequently have plenty of cool lights, decorations, and fixtures.
Paint & Sip
With this double date idea, you can enjoy alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages while painting beautiful art. By the end of the date, everyone will have their own painting to enjoy and contrast, which leaves room for humorous discussions about whose painting came out the best.
Local Sporting Game
Attending a local sporting event with friends, sitting together, chit-chatting, and supporting the same side is always a good double date idea. If you don't want to purchase stadium tickets, you can still experience the excitement of a game in the comfort of your own home.
When you and your partner link up with another couple to attend a concert together, the four of you can belt out lyrics to your favorite songs. Music brings out the best in people, so this is undoubtedly going to lead to a magical bonding experience.
This is another double-date idea where you can show off your competitive side and cheer on your partner. Observing everyone’s different stances as they bowl, taking videos of each other’s turns, and having fun with silly dance moves will give you a night of excitement.