20 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts That
Won't Cost You A Dime
Offer A Massage
A personal massage will create a sensual and intimate moment between you and your partner. Set up a sofa or bed with propped-up pillows and soft sheets, light a few candles, play relaxing music, and then start using your oils, and sweet-smelling lotions to make them feel relaxed and special.
Dress Up In Lingerie
Surprise your partner when they get home by greeting them at the door in lingerie or you can send them flirtatious texts throughout the day so they know what to look forward to. Bump up the fierceness factor with makeup and a hairstyle that matches the seductive and provocative energy of your lingerie.
Love Coupons
Make handmade love coupons that they can “cash them in,” like doing their chores for a day, letting them win an argument, or picking the movie for date night. All you need is colorful construction paper or notecards, markers or colored pencils, and some creative ideas.
Cook Dinner Or Dessert
Instead of spending money on a fancy dinner, bring the fancy dinner home by using ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Sugar cookies are a must-have on Valentine’s Day, and you can decorate them with red, white, and pink sprinklings or frosting.
Offer To Clean Their Car
If your partner is the type of person who genuinely appreciates having a clean and tidy car, offer to clean it for them, inside and out. This is a super thoughtful gift, especially if you’ve noticed your partner has been too busy (or stressed) to show their car a little TLC.