Woman standing at a window looking out.
20 Little Things To Do When You're Feeling Lonely
Text Or Call Someone
Instead of believing you’re a burden or nuisance, reach out to someone who’s already in your social network or family. This can be a short, “Hey, how are you?” text or a quick phone call, as those who care about you have chosen to be in your life for a reason, and will do their best to show up for you.
Use A Friend App
Apps like BumbleBFF work in a similar manner to dating apps, but the objective is to meet platonic friends who share similar interests. You have the option to match with and swipe right on people based on their hobbies, zodiac signs, job titles, political affiliations, religious views, and more.
Visit A Farmer’s Market
Farmer’s markets are bustling with inquisitive shoppers and hard-working sellers from different walks of life. Most people who set up shop at farmer's markets are conversational, business-minded, entrepreneurial, and beyond easy to talk to when you're out and about.
Go To A Coffee Shop
You’ll never feel completely isolated if you take your laptop to a local coffee shop that offers free Wi-Fi, so this is a fabulous idea for anyone who works from home and struggles with feeling lonely. A huge perk of going to your local coffee shop is that you’ll also be able to join rewards programs for free purchases.
Indulge At The Spa
Whether you’re getting a massage or a manicure, you can socialize with the individuals who are helping you out along the way, as people who work in the spa industry tend to be very personable since they provide hands-on services. It’s hard to feel lonely when you’re in someone else’s personal space!