20 Personality Traits Of Cheaters According To Relationship Experts
Acts Entitled and Cowardly
Cheaters crave variety, the thrill of the chase, and the ego boost that comes with all the flirting, but they also need the security, the joys, and the social status of a committed relationship. It’s essential to be wary of partners with narcissistic tendencies or displays of cowardice when it comes to being single.
Lacks Boundaries
Poor boundaries can manifest through an eagerness to jump steps in the early stages of dating and by acting too friendly and touchy-feely with other people despite being in an exclusive relationship. You may also notice they act way too close with co-workers, superiors, or recent acquaintances which shows a lack of respect for themselves and for others.
Insecurities Galore
A partner’s insecurities may be about body image issues or being "weird looking" growing up, or they may be brought on by age, financial or personal crises. Should your love interest express a lot of self-doubts, keep your eyes open for other red flags as these issues make for the perfect storm for infidelity.
Overly Charming
Being charming is not a telltale cheater trait, but if your partner has a reputation as a serial heartbreaker with a history of short-lived relationships, your alarms should go off. When they’re a little too self-possessed, and use their charm on everyone — your friends, strangers, and even the waitress while on a date with you — these are big red flags.
Love Bombs
According to Psycom, love bombing is "toxic, manipulative behavior marked by constant contact, non-stop attention, and grand gestures early in a relationship." Excessive texting, flooding you with compliments, buying you expensive gifts, too many dates in a short period of time, or getting exclusive too soon are all warning signs.