22 Black Eyeshadow Looks Anyone Can Master
The Smoky Eye
The classic smoky eye look is a simple eye makeup technique that can help intensify any eye color. To achieve a perfect smoky eye, all you need to do is take your best black eyeshadow and blend it all around your eye so that it is darker at the lashline and gradually fades.
Heavy Metal Look
A heavy metal look focuses on helping your eyelids shine. The look simply requires the application of gray metallic shimmer eyeshadow — dampen your flat brush with setting spray for better results — followed by the addition of black liner at your lashline and black eyeshadow at the outer corners of your eyes.
Reverse Eyeliner
Born on Tiktok, the reverse liner trend has quickly grown to be a favorite look of many celebrities including Zendaya, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian. To re-create it, apply kohl or black eyeshadow only on your lower lash line and extend it out to create a wing.
Winged Eyeliner
The winged eyeliner look has always remained a classic favorite. To get it yourself, use kohl or an eyeliner pencil to line your upper lid from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, moving slightly upwards at the end to get that wing, and then use black eyeshadow to deepen the color and smudge it out.
The Ombré Look
The ombré is surely one of the most used techniques in the makeup world. To achieve it, you'll need at least one blending brush to blur the shadows perfectly together and three eyeshadows, a light one, a moderate one, and a darker one, where you start with the lightest and work your way to the darkest.