Woman with long, thick hair dyed with a textured brunette caramel color
23 Ideas To Elevate Your Brunette Hair
When coloring your hair, you don’t need to go blond to attain stunning locks. Let’s take a look at some of the vibrant brunette colors you could sport this summer.
1. Translucent Brown
Translucent brown is all about dimension, and your colorist will use a variety of shades to create movement and versatility. This subtle look is also relatively low-maintenance.
2. Chestnut Brown
Chestnut is best for those with warm undertones but can easily be customized for neutral and cool undertones. Ask your colorist for a chestnut balayage to reduce maintenance.
3. Cinnamon Brown
Certain shades of this color can skew warm, but it is a classic neutral. An expert colorist can customize the tone to make it work with any skin tone.
4. Ash Brown
Ash brown hair is a medium shade that works best with cool skin tones. Stylists typically recommend using a blue shampoo to protect the color from turning brassy.
5. Mocha Brown
Mocha is a true neutral brown that complements both warm and cool undertones. It has rich color saturation and dimension, and it works as a single shade or with high and lowlights.