woman with long braid held in scrunchie
23 Scrunchie Hairstyles Inspired By The ‘90s
Wear It On Your Wrist
You can wear a scrunchie purely as a wrist accessory. To make it go with the rest of your outfit, match it to a piece of clothing in your ensemble or another accessory.
Around A Top Knot
To really rock this look, it's best to pair big scrunchies with bigger 'dos and vice versa. Match the scrunchie color to your outfit, or wear a bold color to let it stand out.
Secure A Big Ponytail
Wear a scrunchie around a poofy ponytail on the back of your head, or go up and to the side for some extra nostalgia. Use a patterned scrunchie to add some interest to your look.
Find One With A Bow
Bow scrunchies are a great way to add volume to short, thin, or straight hair. Position the bow at the top of your head for a cute look, or to the side if asymmetry is more your thing.
Choose A Bright Color
Match your bold, bright scrunchie to your outfit, or let it stand on its own. For maximum effect, grab a bright scrunchie that's on the larger side so you can really show it off.