Woman's profile with her hair tied in a bun at the base of her head
25 Hairstyles That Will Hide The Fact That You Desperately Need A Wash Day
Sleek Low Bun
A sleek low bun has been around for a while and to get it perfect, you’ll need to part your hair down the middle and tie it into a tight bun at the nape of your neck. Use a bit of gel and a dense brush to ensure no baby hairs are flying away — everything needs to be super sleek.
French Braids
Two French braids are perfect for keeping your hair out of your face with the added benefit of masking the greasiness of second- and third-day hair. If braided tightly you can sleep with them in for one or two nights and touch up any morning frizziness with a spoolie brush and some hair gel.
Accent Bangs
It’s possible that most of your hair still looks good, except for a few face-framing pieces. These strands tend to get dirty quickly because they touch the face the most, so when they start to look dirty, braid the strands into two cute Y2K-inspired braids.
Low Bubble Ponytail
A bubble ponytail is a fun way to add some extra flair to your hairdo. For this style, tie a low ponytail and then tie another hair tie about one inch underneath the first one, then pull the hair between the two hair ties slightly apart, giving it that bubbly appearance.
Spiky Y2K Bun
Y2K fashion and beauty is having a major comeback and luckily there are hairstyles to save you when you have greasy hair. One style you can try is the spiky bun which is supposed to look sleek at the base and instead of tucking your hair ends in, leave them to spike upwards.