Hand with pink glossy nails and little white hearts
25 Nail Designs That Bring The Coquette Aesthetic To Your Manicure
French Manicure
This manicure achieves the coquette look in a relatively subtle way with its old-school feminine touch. Add tiny pink hearts and bows to complete the coquette look.
Pastel Nails
While rosy pink is a go-to choice for coquette nails, other pastels can fit the bill. Pastel lavender, for example, with small hearts and gems give a coquette vibe.
Satin Bows
3D details like satin bows are popular for ultra-femme coquette nails. If real mini satin bows get in the way of your daily life, go for drawn-on bows.
French Pink Tips
A pale, ballerina pink French manicure can pass as a coquette nail look, and the addition of tiny hearts will really help seal the deal.
Pearls & Bows
Iconic symbols of romance, try incorporating pearls and bows into your nail design. Against a glossy white pearl color, they’ll work both as coquette and wedding nails.