Set of nicely manicured fingernails with french manicure over white background.
25 Of The Most Unique French Manicure Ideas
Accent Nail
A classic French manicure gets a lovely update with the addition of a nail art on an accent nail, which is great when you want to add just a bit of detail.
Using white polish to create the design on the natural nail keeps everything very understated, but gems and rhinestones can add a pop of color.
If you love the look of a traditional French manicure but don't love how thick the white tips are, micro tips are a stunning option.
This works perfectly for those who prefer to wear their nails short because it highlights the very tip of the nail, so it’s great for minimalists.
Gradient Glitter
If you're looking for something a little more fun, add some glitter. This look takes a traditional French manicure and adds a bit of color and sparkle.
Instead of using a pale pink base color, opt for something a bit brighter before adding a gradient glitter to the nail cuff, and you can even add an accent nail.
French Rainbow
If you can’t decide on a color for your tips, you can opt for every color of the rainbow to achieve this classic French manicure.
You can play around with this look by using monochromatic shades as an outline first. Medium-length oval tips are ideal for this manicure.
Something Blue
If you don’t want to go for a classic white and don’t want something too bright, try going for a lovely shade of blue on the tips.
This change is perfect for those who want something just a bit different or who feel that white tips are too stark.