Side view of a woman with a sleek ponytail
26 Hairstyles To Embrace If You Have Oily Hair
Baby Braids
Baby braids are a ‘90s throwback and a handy style for anyone whose excess oil tends to build up on the front of the hair.
These braids are versatile, and can be worn regardless of hair length or curl. Simply separate two strands of hair at the part and create two small, classic three-strand braids.
Whether you prefer to wear them loose, braided, accessorized, or any other way you choose, pigtails are the perfect easy, carefree summer style.
Start with a clean middle part and separate your hair into two large sections on either side of your head, then secure the sections with a rubber band.
Claw Clips
A good claw clip is far less damaging than most rubber bands or scrunchies, and there is practically no end to the number of cute and easy hairstyles you can create.
Most of those styles will do your oily locks the courtesy of hiding that you skipped a wash day. Just brush your hair back, give it a twist, and secure it with your claw clip.
Half-Up, Half-Down
Half-up, half-down styles are an easy way to elevate any look, especially when you're running behind or just don't feel like putting effort into your hair on a particular day.
There are many potential styles to choose from that offer some degree of camouflage for days-old or oily hair, and all you have to do is secure the top half of your hair.
Messy Bun
There are few hairstyles that are as loved as the messy bun. Since texture is what the messy bun is all about, it's great for hiding oily hair that may or may not need a wash.
Simply gather your hair where you want your bun, wrap a hair tie around the hair once, scrunch or twist your hair into a bun, and secure with the rest of your tie.