Hand with an almond-shaped manicure and nail art
28 Almond Nail Designs You're Going To Want To Try
Ombré nails stand out without looking tacky and allow you to play with color without looking like the rainbow exploded.
Stick to shades within the same color family and top with subtle sparkles, but if you're a talented painter, you can achieve the ombré look with polish and brushes alone.
The cartoon trend has permeated spaces like baking, home decor, and beauty, and it can all be applied to nails, too.
Once you've finished your design, outline your work in black polish and add exaggerated highlights in white. It's simple, cute, and can be accomplished with any design.
Glitter Tip
Making the tip of your nail stand out is a longstanding design choice, and you can modernize the look a bit by opting for a glitter tip.
Simply paint glitter on the tip of your nail in a half-moon shape. It's glamorous without being ostentatious and will work for any occasion.
Get Graphic
Try a graphic nail look with bold color pairings, standout patterns, and mismatched nails. The cool graphics juxtapose nicely against a sophisticated nail shape like almond.
Mix & Match
If you can’t pick one design, pick them all because there are far too many nail designs to feel limited to just one. Mixing and matching designs adds drama to the nails.
It allows your nails to be just as much an accessory as jewelry or purses. If you're worried it will be too busy, offset a few nails with solid colors.