woman with colorful eyeshadow
29 Glamorous Glitter Cut Crease Ideas
Pink Tones
Few colors can instantly glam up your look like pink. Try matte pinks in deep shades above the crease and a metallic shade blended with a pink shimmer for the cut crease.
Neutral Tones
If you're new to a glitter cut crease, neutral tones are a great way to ease into the look. Put darker shades in and above the crease for dimension, and create a wing to finish.
Precise Glitter
Start by creating a cut crease that includes a wing. Use your eye as a stencil, and use the winged liner as the outline on the bottom before adding shadow to the lower lash line.
Pinks And Purples
For a simple glitter cut crease, stick to the technique of cutting the crease and using glitter glue to pack on glitter, and then use a light shimmer to highlight the inner V.
For this dramatic and glamorous look, use shades with the same undertones to ensure a cohesive look, but make sure the shades aren't so similar you can't see the cut.