two hands wearing Pride bracelets holding hands
30 Nail Designs You Can Express Your Pride With
Rainbow Ombré Nails + Glitter
Each nail features two colors that are adjacent on the rainbow blended with a sponge, creating a fierce, fabulous effect. A clear top coat of glitter adds an extra touch of magic.
Cloud Trans Nails
The centerpiece of this design is a representation of the transgender flag transformed into a vibrant rainbow on each nail. Make fluffy white clouds around each one with a sponge.
Pastel Pride Nails
Embrace simplicity with a stunning pride nail design featuring pastel shades, perfect for those seeking an enchanting and gentle representation of pride.
Classic Rainbow Tips
Rainbow tips provide a colorful and personalized twist to the traditional French manicure, ideal for almond-shaped nails. These vibrant nails are customizable with soft or bold colors.
Minimalist Bi Nails
Create a minimalist nail look with nude nails and a swirly bisexual flag design on one or two accent nails, creating a clean and simple appearance that is easy to recreate.