4 Alternatives To Nail Glue For Your Press-On Mani
Nail Adhesive Tabs
Nail adhesive tabs are essentially double-sided tape that attaches the press-on nails to your natural nails. They are gentle on your nails and come off easily with warm soapy water; however, nail tabs are not as strong as nail glue, and do not last very long, so most people only use them a few hours at a time.
Gel Polish
When cured, gel polish hardens and can become an adhesive for your press-on nails, and can last just as long as nail glue if properly cared for. Simply apply the gel polish onto the nail and cure for 30 seconds, then place a transparent or translucent press-on and cure for 60 seconds for an easy home manicure.
Acrylic Mixture
Acrylic mixture is a very strong alternative for nail glue, and can last up to three weeks when properly maintained, but it is harsh on your nails and can be difficult to remove. It is also not very beginner friendly and can be difficult to apply when you’re just starting out, so experience with this sturdy alternative is a plus.
DIY Nail Glue
All you need to make your own nail glue is a mix of equal parts white glue and clear nail polish and a clear container to store it. Use the trimmed-off end of a cotton swab to apply, but keep in mind that this alternative does not last long — it can come off in less than a day, but this method is still great in a pinch.