4 Eyeshadow Colors That Complement Green Eyes
In the United States, only about 9% of people have green eyes. Green-eyed people may feel frustrated if they’re unsure which eyeshadow colors will work best, but luckily, makeup artists have found four distinct colors that will make your eyes pop.
The four most complementary eyeshadow colors for green eyes are red, yellow, purple, and silver. When considering hues or shades, red can include burgundy, wine, auburn, pink, and fuchsia, and when you think of yellow, this includes gold, copper, and bronze.
The purple family, including lavender, lilac, violet, and magenta, looks especially fabulous if you start with a light purple shade as a base and then add darker shades on top. It may also help to know that colors with warm tones complement dark green eyes, while cooler tones, like silver, do the most for light green eyes.