4 Proven Ways To Banish Blackheads For Good
Blackheads are one of those universal skin battles that everyone fights at one point or another. However, now that pore strips have been found to do more harm than good and spa facials are expensive, we found four DIY techniques that will get rid of blackheads for good.
Use an exfoliant to tackle blackheads, but finding a scrub that is safe and not too harsh on the skin is crucial, so avoid using St. Ives Apricot Scrub. A gentle exfoliant will remove the dead skin cells, preventing dirt from clogging your pores, but be careful to not over-exfoliate, as that will irritate your skin and worsen the problem.
Chemical ingredients found in your skincare products will help your skin, however, salicylic acid is the most powerful ingredient to banish blackheads. Salicylic acid has the power to unclog your pores and prevent reclogging, but if you’re a new user, start any product with this ingredient once every three days, and then adjust to your liking.
Masks are a powerful step in the self-care routine since they deeply cleanse your face, allowing chemical exfoliants to work more effectively. The best ingredients in a mask for blackheads are kaolin clay and charcoal, as they work to cleanse the skin of oil, toxins, and dirt, so relax with a mask once a week.
To prevent blackheads from reappearing be wary of the products you use on your face, especially when it comes to makeup and SPF. You should use a non-comedogenic sunscreen so your pores won’t get clogged, and you should always double cleanse to make sure you get everything off your face before bed.