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4 Signs That Probably Won't Work With A Pisces
Emily Newman, a psychic reader, and astrologer explained to Well + Good that Pisces is drawn into a Gemini's friendly and intelligent nature. Unfortunately, Geminis can’t handle the emotional intensity that a Pisces can bring to the relationship.
The communication style between Pisces and Sagittarius leads to serious issues. Sagittarius often pride themselves on being very reserved with their emotions, which could cause Pisces — who always have their hearts on their sleeves — to feel slighted by their emotional distance.
Aquarius have trouble expressing their feelings because while they care deeply about the people and the world around them, they struggle to express them outwardly. Their emotionally distant ways create a clash when it comes to dealing with Pisces’ emotional state.
Aries and Pisces are the least compatible because when an Aries approaches a conversation, they could be very blunt, which can be hard on Pisces, who takes everything to heart. Pisces are very sensitive, so they can become closed off and suppress their needs in a relationship.