Woman sitting on a couch covering her face with her hands while crying.
4 Zodiac Signs That Feel Heartbreak The Deepest
As a water sign, Cancer is emotional and extremely sensitive, which is why they take a breakup so much harder than other signs in the zodiac.
Loving hard is part of Cancer’s nature, so when their heart gets broken, they need the most time putting the pieces back together.
Libra is all about balance, and they give more than they take, especially in relationships. They’re dependent, so they’re more likely to stay in a dysfunctional relationship.
They rely heavily on their partner, which is why a breakup is such a drastic blow. To them, it's truly like losing their other half — the half that kept them afloat.
Scorpios take a long time to heal because of how much they protect their feelings. They don’t let people in easily, so when someone breaks their heart, it’s like a betrayal.
They might channel their pain into stinging back, and they’re known for keeping grudges. Once they’ve recovered, it could be like their ex never existed in the first place.
Geminis fall in love fast, but when they go through a breakup, it takes time to heal because when they’ve found their person, it feels like they won the love lottery.
They might not spend their time crying after a heartbreak. Instead they are more likely to go out and have a good time, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting on the inside.