Adult couple after argument, standing in the kitchen at home.
4 Zodiac Signs That Will Never Work With A Leo
Leo and Capricorn
Both natural leaders is would seem Leo and Capricorn have many things in common, but a Leo is a prime example of someone who needs a partner to be a little different from them.
They also won’t be able to see eye-to-eye when it comes to priorities. Unless they can learn to compromise for each other's benefit, compatibility is unlikely.
Leo and Cancer
These two mean well, but the fire and water signs just don't mix. A Cancer's mood can swing quite rapidly, making their emotions too unpredictable for a Leo's need for control.
Cancers guarded their emotions and take their time opening up, and Leos may quickly lose interest if they feel like their love isn't appreciated.
Leo and Taurus
Taureans are also more careful and slow to trust, which can make a Leo lose interest quickly. Leos will find a match with a Taurus quite boring for a long-haul friendship.
Leo and Taurus are fixed signs, so they’re both incredibly stubborn and refuse to compromise. Taureans will fight for the limelight bringing out the worst in competitive Leo.
Leo and Pisces
Pisceans tend to live in their heads more than being present with others, a Leo may become frustrated with how difficult it is to communicate with a Pisces.
A Pisces needs to feel solidly supported in order for them to feel comfortable with their partner, but a Leo will have trouble navigating Pisces figurative and ungrounded space.