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4 Zodiac Signs That Won't Match Up Well With A Taurus
This adventurous sign has a tendency to be blunt, which may come across as chaotic to Taurus. Sagittarius may also be baffled by Taurus’ habit of staying in rather than going out.
Taureans prefer stability and are drawn to earthly pleasures, while Sagittarians value the philosophical, so it will be difficult for these two to relate to each other.
There may be an initial attraction between Gemini and Taurus, but the former will soon feel bogged down by the latter and their need to have things their way.
While the two signs are both passionate about their hobbies and art forms, it's Taurus' need for security and Gemini's need for exploration that will lead them down separate roads.
As a fire and earth duo, Aries and Taurus will likely be at odds from the jump. Aries is always working hard, and Taurus will definitely feel overwhelmed by their non-stop energy.
Both signs are stubborn, and neither sign has the slightest interest in being controlled and can't settle for a life where things aren't just the way they desire them to be.
Taurus is content to let Leo have center stage, but their differing values will prove problematic in the long run. Neither will back down or see things from another perspective.
Both signs enjoy luxury and indulgence, but Taurus will grow tired of Leo’s vanity, and Leo will see Taurus as a roadblock that is dragging them down from a dazzling life.